A list of courses I have taught in the past.

Mathematics Courses

Introductory Statistics MAT167 (Pima CC)
Introduction to statistics. Includes sampling, data display, measures of central tendency, variability, and position; random variables, probability, probability distributions; sampling distributions, assessing normality, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and regression. Use of the statistics software R is taught throughout the course.
Trigonometry MAT182 (Pima CC)
Course covers trigonometric functions, identities, graphs, vectors, polar coordinates, complex numbers, coordinate system rotation, change of basis, and conic sections.

Optics & Imaging Courses

Careers in Optics Technology TEC042 (Pima CC)
Introduction to optics and optical systems. An integrated lab and lecture course that covers the basic principles of electromagnetic radiation, optical materials, ray tracing and basic imaging systems and components. Coverage includes: mirrors, lenses, Fresnel lenses, diffraction gratings, polarization mechanisms, lasers, holograms, optical fibers, telescope designs, and projectors.
Systems Design For Graphic Presentation 2076-401 (RIT)
This course is an introduction to the digital image and the hardware, software, and concepts necessary to understand how digital images are captured, stored, and processed. Basic image processing using MATLAB is also covered.