Welcome to my updated site

Since my long time hosting provider BlueHost kept increasing prices and I don't need any advanced features that they offer, I decided to move my site to Github Pages since I'm already a Github user. My site has been statically generated for years. The advantages of a static site are (1) it makes hosting simple, (2) it is very secure compared to dynamic sites, and (3) I am not locked into any platform. I updated my static generator code to Python based Nikola from Ruby based WebGen. I made this change because I prefer Python and I like the option to be able to include iPython posts. By making these changes I was able to save about $160/year due to BlueHost's newly announced major price increases. My only cost now is my domain registration since Github Pages are free. Much thanks to the great community services at Github!

All of the content that was available on the previous site is still here. Just use the menu at the top to access everything.