Dissertation complete!


After many years of hard work, I completed my PhD in Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona. You can read my dissertation which focused on the development of a novel confocal microlaparoscope for surgical use. I was lucky enough to have a project where I could design, develop, and test a new optical instrument in human clinical trials. It was hard work, an exceptional opportunity, and a great experience.

This work would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of Dr. Arthur Gmitro, Dr. Andrew Rouse, Dr. Molly Brewer, Dr. Kenneth Hatch, and Dr. Richard Sampliner. All of these individuals contributed insight and expertise that made this project a success. Dr. Gmitro provided the initial vision and direction for in vivo confocal imaging systems and obtained the funding to support the work. Dr. Rouse had significant participation in the project and provided important guidance. Dr. Brewer helped motivate the development of the instrument and gave guidance on how such an instrument would be used in a clinical setting. Dr. Hatch served as the primary clinician to test the device in vivo. Dr. Sampliner provided human esophagus biopsies for the ex vivo imaging studies. I would also like to thank Kathy Schmidt and the surgical staff at umc who provided critical assistance during the clinical trials and Dr. Katerina Dvorak and Angelique Kano for providing mice to image with the bare fiber probes.

Funding for this work was provided by the Arizona Disease Control Research Commission grant number 971, nih grants ca 94287 and ca 115780, the BMIS Fellowship, and the Imaging Fellowship.

I would like to thank my dissertation committee, Dr. Arthur Gmitro, Dr. Andrew Rouse, Dr. Urs Utzinger, and Dr. Jim Schwiegerling, for providing guidance and constructive criticism.

Finally, I would never have accomplished this work without the inspiration I received from the handful of great teachers. I feel lucky to have been their student. I hope that I will be able to give back to society as much as they gave to their students. Thank you Dr. Russell Kraus, Priscilla Morton, Fred Marinello, and Robert Petitmermet.

Citation: Anthony A Tanbakuchi. A surgical confocal microlaparoscope for real-time optical biopsies, University of Arizona, Tucson, Az, 2009. PDF