A multi-point scanner for high frame rate confocal microendoscopy


Slit-scanning geometries for confocal microendoscopy represent a compromise between acquisition rate and optical performance. Such systems provide high frame rates that freeze motion but recent Monte Carlo simulations show that scattered light severely limits the practical imaging depth for in vivo applications. A new multi-point scanning architecture for confocal microendoscopy has been developed. The new scanner is based on a relatively simple modification to the slit-scanning geometry that results in a parallelized point-scanning confocal microendoscope that maintains the high frame rate of a slit-scanning system while providing optical performance close to that of a single point scanning system. You can read the details in the paper. This paper arose from my dissertation and journal publication where I was able to demonstrate through monte-carlo modeling that a slit scan system could be improved by making a small modification so that it becomes a multi-point scan system. My contribution was mainly the suggestion of the multi-point concept, Andy and Houssine did all the hard work.

Citation: Andrew R. Rouse; Houssine Makhlouf; Anthony A. Tanbakuchi; Arthur F. Gmitro, "A multi-point scanner for high frame rate confocal microendoscopy" Proc. SPIE. 7558, Endoscopic Microscopy V, 755809. February 11, 2010 doi: 10.1117/12.842782 PDF